Workflow Management

What is Matrix?

Matrix is a smart, simple, automated and affordable workflow management solution designed for micro and small sized organizations. It is not only user-friendly and highly personalized, but also aims to provide easy, point-and-click workflow automation in order to streamline manual and paper-based processes. A secure turnkey intranet solution, Matrix optimizes collaboration and communication for productivity - connecting individuals, departments and processes with effective monitoring and reporting.

Challenges in Organizational Workflow Automation:

A workflow refers to any business process in an organization where task, information and content travels from one person to another for action/signoff as per a pre-defined protocol. Most of the micro and small organizations remain a lot less productive than their true potential simply because their workflow is not automated. The biggest challenge is that these organizations usually do not realize this fact since they perceive workflow automation softwares to be expensive high-end solutions used only by large organizations.

Characterized by unstructured tasks and processes that are plagued with redundancies in resources, micro and small companies fail to realize how much they are losing out on efficiency, productivity, time and cost advantages. In order to reverse this equation, each and every process in any organization, irrespective of size, needs to be streamlined and improved, both the everyday ones and the elaborate organizational level ones. This challenge to consolidate the traditional workflow and content generation in order to attain the highest levels of process efficiency and thereby productivity, through a simple and affordable Workflow Automation solution, is what Matrix seeks to address.

Our Workflow Solution - MATRIX's Matrix is an intelligent and highly personalized workflow automation software that simultaneously integrates and provides the dual user-categories of:

  • Employee User Features – Features used by individual employees. E.g Leave Applications, Sanction Requisitions, Admin requests, Time Sheets, e-Exits, Status tracking, Appraisal records et al
  • Department User Features – Features used by departmental heads/ supervisors for departmental functioning and monitoring. E.g Specific Departmental Modules, Task Allocations, Monitoring & Reporting Tools, Requisition requests clearing, Providing approvals, etc

Our Customized Solutions include:

  • HR Module
  • Admin Module
  • Finance / Accounts Module
  • Communication / Intranet Module
  • Social Media Module
  • Systems / IT Module