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Globsyn Logo

Globsyn is a global outlook firm with deep domain competencies in Education, Skills, and Technology. We believe that our success lies in the success of our customers – irrespective of their size and scale of operations. We have crafted services and solutions to help our customers leverage and profit from the advanced use of Education, Skills, and Technology.

At our core we are problem solvers with an unwavering passion for performance. We minimize hierarchy, are intellectually curious and closely engage with our customers to work in a highly collaborative mode. We are a people driven research and IP creation firm and are constantly identifying new knowledge and technology trends, developing new solutions and creating sustainable value for our customers around the world.

Our Business

3rd.Life Products

We develop innovative and cutting edge tech products tailor-made to suit your particular business needs, be it in any industry or domain. Our deep business and industry acumen enables us to design and customize solutions to specific business problems while our technical expertise helps businesses to speed and scale up for a faster and higher return on capital.

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3rd.Life Services

3rd.Life’s Service Offerings are built around the three pillars of Technology Services, Business Process Services and Data Management Services where mobility, software development, consultancy and support Services along with advanced data management and content curation capabilities are areas we are known for. Our services are also based on our core ‘Beyond Solutions’ philosophy where we take the extra step to ensure that beyond the technical solution to your business problem, our all-round consulting and technical support services help you take your business to the next level.

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Globsyn Corporate Team

  • Bikram Dasgupta
  • Ranjana Dasgupta
  • Romit Dasgupta
  • Rahul Dasgupta
  • TN Raju

3rd.Life Team

  • Romit Dasgupta
  • Basetti Raja Rao
  • Vidya Bangera
  • Ambarish Singh
  • Indrani Kar
  • Shravani Adhikari
  • Kaushalendra Shukla
  • Manas Biswas
  • Pradeepa Viswanathan
  • Rajesh Paul
  • Ratnadeep Ray
  • Soumak Roy